Job Accused

Lights, cameras – what?                                                                                                   

One day the members of the heavenly court came to present themselves before the LORD, and the Accuser, Satan, came with them. Job 1:6-12  (FYI, satan: opponent, hater, accuser)

Sounds Tolkiensque, doesn’t it?  Angelic beings are called to the celestial court of the great God, Jehovah. The vast multitude stands in awe before the throne. Cue state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects and soaring music. The evil one (yes, THAT evil one) insinuates himself into the crowd.

Whoa! How can we even remotely begin to set up this scene? The writer doesn’t even try – just simply goes right to the story.

Here at the beginning, we must nail down the point that God had something in mind.  Unless we trap that thought, this story will bound off in all directions like a rabbit with its tail on fire.

God knows all things. He is never taken by surprise.

And I agree with C.S. Lewis that there has never been a war between Satan and God, only between Satan and Michael.  There is no force or being or power in any universe known or unknown that can, of it own volition, oppose God.

What God allows occurs.

So, was Satan ordered to come, or did he think he was sneaking in? Let’s assume he was simply allowed to attend and permitted to observe. God actually initiates the conversation with this former angel of light, reminding us that everything to come is entirely under His control.

You accuse Job of being a man who only serves Me to keep the blessings coming.

You sneer that if the goodies are taken away He will actually curse Me.

Take the stuff.

I will even allow your evil hand upon his family.

This man will stand.

Which begs the question:  Am I living a life that God can have confidence in?

It’s a pretty simple question.  At this point.

(And I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment!)


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  1. Love this Sister Deb. God allows us to be tested to make us stronger, to make us trust him and to grow through our trials. I LOVE that HE is ultimately in total control. He is an amazing God and his plan is perfect!


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