Wordmistress Again, You Guys


In the grand and glorious universe of words there are guerillas.

These villainous little tics and phrases hang around the edges of perfectly good conversation. Suddenly, without warning, they launch themselves smack into the middle of a fine, sturdy sentence. And it collapses without a fight.

Wordmistress, always at her post, has already brought several irritating examples to your attention. She must now deal with a particularly viral, 2-word, (what shall she call it?) delinquent that is beginning to make her twitch noticeably in public.

Wordmistress has had it with you guys.

What is the root of this verbal weed?

  • Did someone look around at some point and decide that the world consisted of males?
  • Did they miss 4th grade and not realize that, in the English language, you also serves as a plural pronoun?
  • Did they think the entire American population resided in the Bronx?

It’s everywhere. In restaurants: “What’ll you guys have?” Friends: “You guys wanna come over?” On TV: Unavoidable.  News programs (anchors, reporters, guests – from politicians to celebrities to attorneys to Joe Schmoe and his grievance), sitcoms (even though I never watch them because they kill brain cells en masse just like reality shows), finance shows, recent presidents (oh, dear).

It is a symptom of the slangy, sloppy, and sometimes faintly disrespectful way we are increasingly communicating with each other.

That sounds harsh, you say.

The future.

Wordmistress responds that she is standing on the wall of civilized conversation dodging missiles of fragmented thought being hurled by the masses saturated in social media mush.

She is armed only with her website and her wits.

Sometimes she grows weary and irritable.

Nevertheless, she encourages all of us to uproot you guys and plant the following:

  • you 
  • all of you
  • everyone

Stand strong. That means you. (Don’t even think it.)

Thank you to those who have shared verbal tics and phrases they find annoying. Wordmistress will address them in due time. Comments are appreciated.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Erin on September 5, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Laughing out loud! You are so witty. Word mistress, I love the loving grammatical correction:)


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