My (Short) 2012 Voters Guide

The election is upon us, friends. Along with you, I am gasping for air under the mountain of candidate and issue ads. That pesky “Unknown Caller” won’t leave us alone, so we don’t answer anymore.

And now, I’m going to wade in here with a few simple thoughts about how I vote as a Christian.

There are two issues that primarily guide my choice for presidential and congressional candidates.

Sanctity of Life

In a remarkable Psalm (139), we are told that God knits us together in the womb. Violation of that holy process is an unspeakable tragedy. Life, by any logical measure, begins at conception. Ending it is God’s business. I want men and women in positions of power in this country who will stand unequivocally for the most vulnerable among us.

And, by the way, the effort to contort this issue into hatred for women is irrational. Stop already.

Sorry for the double negative here, but no candidate who does not firmly stand for the sanctity of life will get my vote. Period.

Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage is not an institution, a piece of paper, or simply an ancient practice. It is a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman. It is also God’s idea. Consequently, it has been the foundation for healthy societies from the dawn of time.

Replacing the strong, protective bonds of marriage with the elasticity of cultural mores is a perilous proposition, to say the least.

And the current fad of equating a firm stand for traditional marriage with hate is irrational. Stop already.

Again, no candidate who does not firmly stand for the sanctity of marriage will get my vote. Period.

And those other issues . . .

I have found, interestingly, that candidates who support these two issues generally agree with my views on other social matters, and on fiscal, military, energy, and environmental policy.

Admittedly, when I look at the faces of my beautiful grandchildren, and consider that they are each already $218,676.00 in debt, I am outraged. Any country with a 16 trillion national debt is being badly, one might even say criminally, led.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m outraged about a long list of things right now. But when I vote, I don’t want to lose sight of the moral imperatives.

The things that matter to God.


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