Merry Christmas, says Wordmistress

Peace and parties, goodwill and great deals whirl around us in a frantic dance of celebration.christmasmusictree

Wordmistress is enchanted with Christmastime.

She is, of course, concerned about the commercialization of this holy season. She is also concerned about the elimination of crèches from public places, the excising of any mention of Christ’s birth in schools, and – but the list is lengthy. Wordmistress will have to lie down if she dwells too long on bureaucratic stupidity.

There is one thing, though, that she would like to bring to your attention. It is something we can all do to help reclaim ground lost to the (how to say this delicately) secular progressives.

To begin, Wordmistress is not terribly fond of shopping. She would rather be home with her books and her grandchildren. But when she does shop at Christmastime, she is highly sensitive to certain words.

Two of those words are “Happy Holidays.”

They seem innocuous enough. Happy Holidays. But they have become, she must sadly remind you, code words for “Let’s not say the word ‘Christmas’ with the word ‘Christ’ in it.’” A few years ago, when the War on Christmas (do not attempt to argue with WM about this) was heating up, some employers actually forbade their employees to address customers with those dreaded words, “Merry Christmas.”

Wordmistress was, as you can imagine, outraged.

While things have calmed down somewhat, one still hears “Happy Holidays” with startling frequency. And while one does not doubt the sincerity of all those goodhearted salespeople, you are encouraged to respond with a cheery “Merry Christmas!”

You may be pleasantly surprised at how often those words are repeated back to you with a smile of what appears to be relief. Ah, a bold guest. A fearless customer.

This is just one small way we may push back against the tsunami of political correctness. And we can do it with good humor and goodwill.

Wordmistress wishes you a merry and blessed Christmas season.  Kindly, but firmly.

Do you agree?



One response to this post.

  1. Very good again Deb, and true, “Merry Christmas”!


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