Light at Last

I am sitting here today thinking about Jesus as the Light of the world and reading through Isaiah 42.1-6. And I am struck (no pun intended) by the hard edge of truth in the Old Testament Messianic prophecies. This one, written in a vivid form of Hebrew poetry, is no exception.

 The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.

The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light.

Grab your Bible. Here is my take:

  • Vs. 1: The character and mission of the Christ are clearly stated. No equivocating or hedging here.
  • Vs. 2:  His voice will be quiet and gentle and He will not seek attention through noisy demonstrations. The Christ will not do celebrity interviews or make movie deals.
  • Vs. 3:  With the weak and depressed in spirit, Christ will deal tenderly, not violently. This is a precious promise. Where the flame of devotion burns weakly, He will take care not to quench it. He will tend it until it burns more brightly. His love for you will fan the flame of your devotion. Guaranteed.
  • Vs. 4:  His tenderness is not weakness. He will be firm and unbroken. He is a man’s Man. Stop with the doe-eyed Jesus thing already.
  • Vs. 5:  The prophet makes it clear that the announcement of the Servant and His mission are from the Almighty. Thus says God, the Lord. Is this clear enough?
  • Vs. 6:  His light will now shine on all mankind. No second-class citizens. Repeat.
  • Vs. 7:  He will cure physical and spiritual blindness and deliver from spiritual bondage. Bam!
  • Vs. 8:  He is all that the name Jehovah signifies: eternal, omnipotent, impossible to recreate. Period.

The Light from the stable will grow and spread and purge and purify. It will never be extinguished. If I am willing, it will illuminate and love through me. That is my challenge.

O Savior, illuminate and love through me.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Erin Smith on December 11, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    OH!!! AMEN and AMEN!! Beautiful<3


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