Mary and the Angel, Scene II

gospeloflukeThen Mary said, “How can this be since I do not have a husband?” Luke 1:34

The story of Jesus’ birth seems to have been little known in the early days of the church.

Those first believers believed and taught His life and miracles, His death and resurrection. But as thoughtful, often learned, men and women came to the faith, they acknowledged the need to have the details of the Lord’s birth authoritatively written down.

The physician, Luke, set to work. Scholars think Paul encouraged him. Mary and other women in her company could have helped with details.

So we have 80 verses in the Luke’s first chapter. Angels and magnificent announcements. Doubt and obedience. Glorious praise, and much more – details so familiar to us now.

And Mary seems to be a rather serious, self-possessed young woman. You can’t help but admire her reaction when Gabriel appears. Notice that she is chosen, not deified.

  • She does not scream.
  • She does not faint.
  • She does not run away.

Most important, she was not doubtful. Ready to say, “yes,” she asked only for a little more light on the life-changing predicament before her.  How will this be since I have no husband?

Ask the right questions”, Pastor Nick challenged us on that Sunday morning.

Sometimes we are too quickly overwrought. We default to emotion and anxiety. Or doubt. We could be asking questions that would provide clarity, such as: What is God looking for from me right now?

It is a question that will please God at Christmastime and all the time.

My Writer’s Group assignment for December was to write a Christmas story you would like to read. My story, “Girl in the Morning,” will be posted tomorrow.


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