Our Family Letter 2013


Dear friends:

Of all the delights in the world, family is sweetest.

This past year was a remarkable one for our family. We welcomed our second grandchild, Isaac Samuel, on May 16th.  He and his 2 year old sister, Natalia, have proved to us that the rumors are true: there is nothing in the world more wonderful than being a grandparent.

In August, our son, Nicolas, was installed as Lead Pastor of our church, Christ Tabernacle. He and his wife, Dana. are moving our beloved fellowship into the future with joy and a great framework for growth.

Sam holds the position of Elder Pastor. No, we aren’t retired, and, no, we can’t imagine leaving Sonoma County. But the vision and direction have been passed to the next generation of anointed leadership. These changes have been gratifying for us and the church and we thank the Lord for His hand in every detail.


Since the transition, Sam’s artistic talents have blossomed. Our church lobby glows with his LED creations.

You just never  know.

Our daughter, Jessica, continues to live and work here in Santa Rosa. We were so thankful to have  our lovely girl with us at Christmastime, as the others were out of town. Together we went to a performance of Nutcracker (or, “Men in Tights” as Sam called it) and to see Les Mis. Yes, we got a little teary.

On September 29th, our Aaron married his Jennifer in her hometown of Crescent City, CA.  The wedding took place in a beautiful outdoor ceremony near the beach. Sam performed the vows.

We are unsure how we managed to acquire two of the most wonderful daughters-in-law anywhere. Our sons have exquisite taste.

Debra had several articles published in 2012. Maintaining a blog has been a great writing discipline and great fun.

We wish you, our dear friends and family around the world, a blessed New Year. In all of the challenges that await us, we have a magnificent God well able to help us succeed.  So let’s look to the future with glad hearts.

Sam and Debra


2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, love to your family from the other coast!


  2. Posted by Debbie Blackmon on January 2, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Hey Deb, What a great family pic! Hope you and yours has a very Happy New Year. Love ya, Deb


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