Hanging Out with Wordmistress

One hears it so often these days.                                                          girlonswing

An example.

Wordmistress: “So, where did you go last evening, dear?”

Young Adult: “I was with Prudence.”

WM: “Oh! So what were you doing?”

YA: “Hangin’ out.”

WM, with a slight twitch: “Ah.”

What has happened to the clear, simple description of enjoying the company of one’s friends? When did people stop visiting or being with one another? Was WM napping when an entire generation decided to hang out?

Please do not misunderstand. Wordmistress is not fooled.

After all, her house has occasionally been hung out at.

People sit on or drape over the couch with smartphones. Or laptops. Or IPads. Checking Facebook. Or Twitter. Or email. Or text messages. Along with everyone else in the room. With the television on. And sporadic conversation. And possibly snacks.

Wordmistress, ever at her post on the walls of civility while the hordes of social change threaten at the gates, is not peeved, exactly. Well, that is not entirely true. WM is rather peeved, but in a resigned sort of way.

The term, in the opinion of Wordmistress, is a rather sloppy way of describing a 21st century default behavior: frequently checking social media while in the company of friends and/or family.

If this was not the case, if you were with friends and/or family and you spent the evening pleasantly conversing, or playing board games or card games, or watching a fun show or movie together, why not simply say so? Why toss an enjoyable evening into the recycling bin of postmodern slang?

Wordmistress fervently wishes you not to feel scolded, but encouraged to precision in language. While she would never hang out with you, she is certain she would enjoy the pleasure of your company.

With our phones on silent, of course. And out of sight.

Do you, dear reader, agree? Kindly leave comments here on Wordmistress’ post to share with others.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Love YOU, Word Mistress ! love, love, love !!! sister C


  2. I saw this blog while I was hanging out. Not sure what to do now.


  3. Posted by Erin on February 6, 2013 at 6:31 am

    🙂 I love it! You know, we should hang out some time…;) All joking aside though, I do find myself peeved while spending time with family and everyone is plugged in giving fractioned attention to one another. The weirdest thing about it is, in self defense, I plug in as well. Wordmistress, put on your cape and stop the madness!!


  4. You make WM’s point beautifully. “Fractioned attention” is, sadly, not a positive development for any of us.


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