Love Note to Moms

HappyMothersDayI see you.

I see you. You with the children and the schedule and the sleeplessness and the shopping and the schooling.

There you are, a little frazzled and breathless, full bag of baby necessities on one shoulder, baby on the other, bent over to shepherd the toddler through the door.

You drive by with your car full of kids in uniforms holding balls and gloves, your day dictated by sports schedules, and you’ll sit and cheer and chat with other moms. Again and again and again.

I see you.

You stand in the lobby of the place where we worship, little knots of you, encouraging one another, commiserating sometimes, talking nutrition, birthing, all the mom stuff. Laughing.

You take in the children of other moms who have fallen a great distance and can’t seem to rise anywhere near a place of stability. You take those kids and feed them and clothe and educate them. You love them as your own without a moment’s regret.

I see your patience and tenderness. Oh, I know there are those days, those moments when you crash and burn and think you are the Worst Mom Ever. But they are a tiny fraction of your mothering. I see your patience and tenderness.

And on those mornings when we worship together, I see you with eyes closed, arms uplifted, joy on your upturned face. Because kids need moms who know God. And you know this.

So Happy Mother’s Day to you.  God’s eyes of love are on you, too.

Want to share some “mom” moments you see, too?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kari on May 12, 2013 at 8:14 am

    This Blessed me today Debra. Thank you deeply for this post. It felt specific to me. God has used your kind words many times to encourage me and lift my spirit and this is yet another time to say thank you for noticing the everyday stuff as something sacrid and beautiful. To be aware and greatful for how God has created this tenderness in us and in the other woman that surround us is a true gift. All the little things sometimes feel like they’ve gone unnoticed…..but this morning, I feel seen.


  2. You feel seen. I can’t think of a higher compliment.


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