Crossing My Mind

So I’ve been away from my blog for awhile, helping with some family business. However, I HAVE been thinking, albeit a little randomly.

For instance:

  • Mother’s Day is better out-of-doors. At my request, we picnicked in a spectacular redwood grove, followed by a walk
     Growing our family

    Growing our family.

    among the giants in warm, spring sunshine. Since this reminded my oldest son of the ewok speeder bike scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (which was filmed in the redwoods near Crescent City, CA from whence one of daughters-in-law hails – got that?), we went home, napped, then watched the movie. It was awesome. I get to use that word because it was Mother’s Day.

  • I have garden envy. My carrots, which should have burst forth from the ground in gratitude after all my effort, are anemic little things. I pass the garden box of a neighbor every morning on my walk and her carrots are glorious. Which feels like a daily poke in the eye.
  • The Bible is by far the most interesting book in the world.  It cannot be surpassed in historical drama, quality of poetry and literature, or mindblowing truth. Anyone who does not regularly read the Bible is missing out on soul food AND brain food.                                       
  • I would rather live in earthquake country than tornado country. Don’t even TRY to argue with me about this.
  • A determined and resourceful three-year-old will find the scissors.                 
  • Too many books are too long. There. I said it. Sometimes I have the urge to send a note to the author of a book I just finished and say: You had some great thoughts here. Wish you would have shared them in FEWER WORDS.
  • The noun “pigeon” should always be preceded by the adjective “nasty.”
  • People who slide through just-turning-red lights are idiots. It is a stupid, deadly habit.
  • There are few cookie recipes that cannot be improved by adding chocolate chips and walnuts. 

     Bought them for my kids. Buying them for my grandbabes.

    Bought them for my kids. Buying them for my grandbabes.

  • Saltwater Sandals will never go out of style.                      
  • I am always surprised to hear the witch in Sleeping Beauty say “powers of hell.” How did that get past the censors in a children’s movie in 1959?
  • Don’t kid yourself, you’re never really done with the laundry.
  • I love the comment made recently by a congressman regarding the boneheads appearing before an oversight committee: “We don’t think they could be so dumb as to not know so much.” Truth embedded in a charming double negative.
  • There is no greater pleasure than reading to a child.                                                      



And, finally, family’s my favorite. Always will be. I hope yours is, too.

Have some random thoughts of your own to share?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Erin Smith on June 5, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    I love your random thoughts:) I feel like I have just peaked in your mind and just as I thought… Fascinating ❤


  2. Sweet Debra, I so love reading your thoughts. Almost as much as hearing them. Awaiting my husband”s return from the discouraging Giants game, I scrolled back and read all your old blogs. Lovely, lovely. I chuckled and rejoiced that I have a friend such as you! xo


  3. Saltwater sandals ARE timeless. I had them, my kids will too.

    Oh and I very much agree that most books are a bit wordy for my type-A brain to tolerate. I think Orwell would agree with me on this. I always want the point to be driven home faster!

    Love your posts!


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